The Many Uses of Corporate Video Production

What exactly does corporate video production entail? Essentially, it’s a form of advertising that’s been around for quite some time. It’s been used by hundreds of different industries, groups, and individuals. Corporate video production can consist of everything from corporate presentations designed to inform investors or employees of the benefits of a particular product or service to humorous videos that amuse or are meant to raise funds for an organization or cause. Regardless, of what the intended purpose, corporate video production is an important part of the business of almost every company.

Corporate video production is done all over the world, with most companies producing at least one production each year. A handful of the most prominent companies and production houses in the business of corporate video production include Participant Media, Cinetra, DreamWorks, and Wieden+. Most notable among these companies are DreamWorks Animation and Wieden+.  

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Corporate video production can be split into pre-production and post-production. Pre-production refers to the stage of planning, gathering information, and assembling assets before production begins. This includes everything from researching relevant information from internal and external sources to selecting an appropriate template and storyboard.

Post-production is the phase that follows the careful editing process. Most professional services take care of the overall production process; after all, this is where the final product will be seen. There are two different approaches to achieving a successful end result with corporate video production. In short, the most successful companies make use of both pre-production and post-production in their endeavors. The advantage of pre-production techniques is that they give the company ample time to properly select appropriate images and other audio and visual components; this allows for in-depth creative control over the resulting commercial video production.

A common mistake many amateur video producers make is to solely rely on computer-generated images and voiceover applications to aid in the creation of their commercial. Such output is often highly generic, even boring. Instead of employing a human designer or team of professionals, the amateur producer may choose to outsource this task to an inexpensive agency. On the other hand, seasoned industry veterans know that a quality pre-production strategy yields the best results. These professionals recognize that an effective strategy also allows for thorough research and analysis of the target audience.

The pre-production stage of corporate video production also allows for the development of a detailed storyboard. Many amateur video producers make the mistake of trying to do too much with too little. This often results in hastily put together videos that lack polish and originality. A storyboard often serves as a foundation for the entire post-production process, including matte painting, visual design, and live action re-use.

Another important process in the production of corporate videos is the production of promotional video materials. In the case of live action videos, this can involve the production of posters, commercials, DVDs, CDs, and other forms of collateral. For videos produced in a more traditional manner, such as documentary style or traditional narrative, the production of posters, brochures, flyers, website content, and other printed materials becomes very important.

Of course, the production of videos has many more uses beyond the realm of advertising or public relations. Corporate videos can serve as presentations for seminars, trainings, seminars, conferences, and product launches. Corporate video production can be used to create training videos for management, teachers, employees, and others who work within a company’s structure of authority. The potential for corporate videos to become viral marketing tools is limitless. Corporate video production can truly become a powerful marketing tool for any business that chooses to use this unique medium.