Home Fire Prevention Effectiveness 1

Are you aware that you can lose all your personal belongings
in a single fire?

It’s very sad when fire strikes your home. You lose everything.
You do not have a chance to save many belongings. You will be
considered lucky if you escape with your life.  


A person’s home is a very private piece of his or her existence.
People have been known to struggle for their entire life just to
accumulate sufficient material riches and built comfortable
shelters for themselves. We can experience a tremendous sense of
loss if our homes have been razed to the ground by a fire.  

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Fires know no bounds. We hear so much of this happening in the
news. Small children and aged persons getting trapped inside
while a house is on fire. We see live footage on television
showing people jumping out from 3-storey buildings and getting
injured. We see the terror in their eyes as they make a desperate
effort to avoid being burnt alive.

We come across stories of people being suffocated by the thick
smoke from a fire.

Death, injury and material loss is the result of fires in homes.
It is a matter for everyone to take seriously.

Yes, the home is as safe as you make it to be – if you take steps
to prevent fires from occurring in the first place.

Fire can also be a friend or a foe to mankind. Fires have been
used for keeping warm, for cooking, for lighting, and so on. If
it were not for the discovery and utilization of fire, mankind
will have a very hard time surviving in the cold reaches of the
Earth. Our early ancestors used fires to ward away wild animals.

Food tastes better when cooked or warmed up on a fire. Farmers
clearing fields of weeds have also used fire. Many scientific
discoveries are obtained by using the heat from fires.

Internal combustion engines, steam boilers, make use of
engineering principles of combustion. Engineers and scientists
have studied how to harness the heat from fires for energy

Fire is a true friend if you know how to use it well. The benefits
to mankind are many. Sometimes we forget that it can also be very

There is a saying, “It takes a tree to produce one million matches,
but it takes a match to destroy a million trees”. That’s the power
of a fire. It can also destroy tremendously. It can go out of
control. Efforts must be made to tame it.

There should not be any doubt in the minds of people. Fire is a boon
to mankind. But it needs to be controlled well in order to use it.

People who makes use of fire, (that includes all of us), must know
the nature of a fire, and how a fire can start. It is a fundamental
rule to understand what we are dealing with.

In order for us to use fire properly, we should know something
about how a fire can occur. People who have a natural fear of fire
usually do not know much about fires. If they know how a fire can
start, they will not fear it as much, but rather treat it with
respect. The more you find out about fires, the better you will be
at preventing it from going out of hand.

Starting a Fire

How a fire can start?

In order for a fire to start, three conditions must be met, and they
must be present together. The conditions are heat, fuel, and oxygen.
If you take any one of them away, a fire will not occur. It is called
the “Fire Triangle”.

The Fire Triangle principle is used in all fire prevention and fire
fighting measures. It is very simple. Remove any one of the three,
and you will not have a fire. Put all of them together and you will
have a fire or even an explosion. An explosion is just a rapid burning
of a fire.

The three components of a Fire Triangle are heat, fuel and oxygen. The
components can appear in many forms and it important for those of us
who want to adopt fire prevention measures to look carefully.

Sometimes, people do not realize that all the three are present until
it becomes too late. For example, a tiny electrical spark that can
become a source of heat often cannot be seen at all. Sometimes, even
when the three conditions are present, the energy of the heat may not
be sufficient to cause a fire.

As with all accidents, when nothing terrible happens, people tend to
get careless. Why worry? It did not happen the last time, it will not
happen now. What they do not realize is that sometimes there is not
sufficient heat to vaporize the fuel.

And fuel does not have to be petrol or kerosene. A piece of wood is
combustible when it becomes heated enough. Cloth and paper are also
fuels for a fire. The plastic chair in your dining room can be a fuel.
In fact all organic materials can burn if it is hot enough.

Oxygen is always present in our atmosphere. In fact we thrive on the
oxygen in the air to live. Oxygen occupies about 21 percent by volume
in air, the rest being nitrogen. So in normal conditions, this part of
the Fire Triangle will always be present and is very difficult to avoid
having when we plan our fire prevention measures in our homes. It will
be more relevant when we want to stop a fire that has already started.
In this case, one of the ways to break the Fire Triangle is to remove
oxygen. There are ways to do this, one of them is by blanketing or

However, in our planning for fire prevention, we can look at ways of
reducing the chances of oxygen rich atmosphere forming anywhere around
the fuel and the heat. This has been known to start fires rapidly.

Everybody knows that heating can cause fires. However, we must not be
unduly alarmed if there are sources of heat around us. We simply cannot
avoid the heat. In fact we use heating for our own benefit. Simply put,
we must treat heat and fire with respect. We should also study the
mechanism of a fire.

The Mechanism of Starting a Fire

If you put the flame of a lighted match under a piece of wood, you can
be sure that most of the time the wood will not catch fire. Even if
you dip a lighted cigarette into a pan of lubrication oil, it is very
unlikely that the pan of oil will catch fire.

So how does a fire actually start?

To answer this question, we must know how a fuel burns. A piece of wood
can be considered a fuel. The carpet fabric on the floor of your house
is also a fuel. But why does some fuel burn so easily while others do
not? How does a fuel burn?

Taking a piece of wood as an example, below is the sequence of events
that happen when a fire occurs.

· First, there must be a source of heat, a combustible or fuel present,
and sufficient oxygen. (Remember the Fire Triangle)

· Next, the source of heat, like a naked flame, must meet with the
combustible for a certain amount of time.

· The combustible must be able to absorb a considerable amount of heat
from the heat source in order to decompose. Combustibles that can burn
are usually organic compounds containing carbon. When the heat reaches
the combustible, the latter will give off gases due to the decomposition
of its material structure. Some of these gases are combustibles
themselves. Water vapor may also be given off.

· The wood becomes drier and drier. The gases given off by the
decomposition of the wood will catch fire by themselves. The heated
wood keeps on giving out combustible gases as long as it is heated.

· With the additional heat given off from the burning of the gases in
the wood, the heat becomes more intense. More parts of the wood are
heated, and more combustible gases emerge. The fire keeps getting bigger
and bigger until the whole piece of wood is consumed.

· If this bigger source of heat from the burning of the piece of wood is
able to contact other combustibles, then the fire will spread to the
whole house or building.

Looking at the Sources of Heat and Fuel

The obvious sources of heat are electrical heaters, electrical light
bulbs, ovens, open flames of the gas stove, electrical sparking, friction
caused by rubbing, and so on.

Those that are not obvious are often the things that will cause
accidental fires. Electrical wiring is one of them. A good practice for
the home is to check the electrical wiring conditions. This is especially
so for old houses. The insulation of old wiring and components usually
deteriorates with age, and contacts with dust, oil and moisture in the
environment. Some may have already cracked, exposing the bare metal parts
to the environment. Electrical conductors do become corroded and contacts
can become loose. This can cause sparking and overheating.

Sometimes, a fire is burning at its correct place, for example, at a
stove. If there is an accidental spillage of the fuel somewhere, it can
cause the flame to spread to another place. LPG hose leaks can cause a
fire from the gas stove to spread to the hose and the surrounding
furniture. Leaking kerosene stove with dripping kerosene can cause the
fire from the stove to spread to the table or the floor. Sometimes
accidental breakage of a bottle of a spirit lamp may splash the fuel all
around and cause a fire to spread rapidly.

Accidents like these do happen, but they can still be avoided.

None of these fires can occur if there is no fuel to catch fire. Careful
segregation of the heat from the fuel will ensure that the fires will
not spread. Even if it were to start, it will not be sufficient for the
fire to spread. When dealing with open fires like these, it is essential
that no other combustible materials be nearby. So even if there is an
accidental spillage, the effects could be minimized.

The presence of a rich oxygen source can often cause a spontaneous fire.
Chemicals like potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide can produce
oxygen under certain conditions. These chemicals are often kept in homes
for medical purposes. Sometimes oily rags throw around the place can
catch fire by themselves because of chemical reactions.

Storage of chemicals must be controlled because mixing of certain
chemicals sometimes produces heat. Storage of paint, thinner, turpentine,
methylated spirit and other solvents must also be well controlled. It is
good to be aware of the chemicals we use around the house. Nail polish,
lighter fluid, aerosol for paint or insecticide may contain very
volatile inflammable materials.

Aerosols must be used carefully. Small particles are easily combustible.
Even organic powders can be dangerous. A bowl of flour is very safe by
itself, but if the powder is allowed to be blown in air to form a haze,
it can be easily ignited if there is a source of heat.

The sun can also produce a tremendous amount of heat. We experience this
when we step into a car exposed to the afternoon sun. It may just need
a small quantity of extra heat to start a fire.

Looking around for ways of reducing the chances of oxygen-rich atmosphere
forming anywhere around the fuel and the heat can help a lot in
preventing unwanted fires from happening. However, sometimes it is the
unexpected that causes fires…

Web Presence: Are You Lost or Found?

My good friend Rob recently thanked me for my quick e-mail response and for my searchability on the web. I accepted his compliment with gratitude (because he’s a brilliant human being AND hires me, two qualities I like in a person) and then I asked why this was on his mind. 


Rob Hartmann casts paid music theatre projects for student composer/lyricists and recently had a Very Talented Young Man (I’ll call him VTYM) give a great audition. When presented with several projects for which VTYM would be right, he pitched him to the composer/lyricist teams. Well, there once was a time when the recommendation would be the end of it, but now even students want to see clips of potential cast members singing on YouTube or Vimeo.  


So, my pal jumped on the web to find something that he could forward to the team for their consideration.

VTYM had zero web presence. No clips. No website. Nothing.

There were other guys of VTYM’s type who did have a web presence that the writers preferred. One of those other guys got the job.

VTYM missed out on a few hundred dollars worth of work with some amazingly talented up-and-comers.

Savvy Actors, it is time to break free of the mindset that Casting Directors are judgmental gatekeepers, gleefully preventing you from achieving your dreams because they settled on theirs.

Michael Cassara has dedicated himself to new music theatre work through the New York Music Theatre Festival and spearheaded an online audition sign-up system for non-union actors. Even Equity has yet to get their act together on that one.

Liz Ortiz-Mackes of Casting Solutions is dedicated to non-traditional casting, especially when it comes to actors of mixed abilities, even founding her own production company, I Ain’t Playin’ Films. She turns down projects when the producers are not planning to pay the actors.

Casting Directors are passionate connectors, dedicated artists, and work so hard they might as well be juggling flaming kittens.

Rob phrased his own priorities this way, ” I love actors and want to connect them to writers. It is a special type of acting professional who has the right attitude for participating in the creation of new work – people who understand their craft and understand that this work is furthering the growth of the art form for al of us. It’s holy work, really. I want people to find you.”

So, Savvy Actors, allow yourselves to be found.

First and foremost, you need a website. It doesn’t need to have 3-D Graphics and scratch-n-sniff options. Just simple clear navigation, branded appropriately for you, with your picture, updated credits and news, contact information, and clips that showcase your delicious work.

In this day and age, most people would not choose a veterinarian, auto repair shop, or restaurant if they did not have a web presence. Well, it’s now the same for actors. My director pal Brandon Ivie said, “If a character in a new musical needs to sound like Elphaba from WICKED, its just as easy for me to look at someone’s resume as it is to look them up on YouTube where I get a better sense of what they actually perform like.”

Even better, this is a service to us actors because it gets “typing out” out of the way and our potential clients who do ask us to tromp on down to the audition room are already excited about us.

Voice actors, get your audio clips up there.

Movie actors, get your reel and specific film clips up there.

Singers, volunteer to sing at benefits and get someone to tape it. Get that clip up there.

Make sure every clip is labeled with your name so they’re all easily searchable on the web.

I’m not even getting into Facebook, LinkedIn, Voice123, or YouTube because we all have lives to lead.

But I close with this: please, help your fellow casting artists by responding to them promptly. It boggles the mind how many actors do not get back to my friend in a timely manner EVEN WHEN PAID WORK IS BEING OFFERED.

Even if an actor is not sure whether they are going to take the work, just a quick “got your e-mail, have to check my schedule” would suffice. Rob mentioned people who get back to his offer a week later with a variation on “Sorry, I got so busy, I couldn’t get around to your e-mail.”

He was not some unknown quantity. These were all people who had auditioned for him in the past.

Choose to be the courteous business professional you expect your Casting Directors and Agents to be. Respond to them promptly and make it easy for them to find you. They’re on your side and they have the distinct honor of bringing your great work into the world.

By the way, Rob Hartmann is a brilliant composer and you should proceed immediately to his website to experience his musical flair. That is all


Lost and Found: Finding Dog Training Advice

Have you tried finding dog training advice and just felt that sinking feeling because your dog continually disobeys your commands? The thing is, dog training is a little bit like being a teacher. Until you learn to recognize the signs and know how to deal with them authoritatively it’s an uphill struggle to control the situation.   


All dogs seek attention from the person they feel is the leader of the pack. That means that if they don’t see their owner as the leader of the pack then the relationship is heading for choppy waters. Just the other day I saw a dog out on the beach going about his business while his owner shouted and screamed at him to “heel”, “come” and “come here <b>now</b>!” The effect on the dog was zero.  


I didn’t feel at all smug because my dog had done something similar a short while before. Unlike this fellow, however, having been a teacher I knew that shouting does little to remedy the situation. In the end, like my dog, his four-legged friend came back in his own good time.

In the ideal situation we need to keep control of some sort over our dogs all the time. It’s just too dangerous to do anything else. So when we lose control like this we have to win back the respect of the dog and reinstate ourselves as the leader.

An appropriate reward has to be given when a dog acts the way we want. Too many rewards, however, and it becomes a bribe. Finding that balance between a bribe and a reward is a hard process. It’s tempting to keep giving the dog rewards to ensure the good behavior continues. In practice, the positive effect of treats starts to wear off after a very short time if any and all behavior is met with a reward.

. When you first start exploring the subject it can be a little daunting so it pays to be quite focused about what exactly you want to achieve.

Scanning the pet section at the local book store I found I could learn about dog whispering, welcoming, separation, aggression, feeding, worming, depression and just about any other subject you’d care to name. But I didn’t want to do tricks, learn advanced sheep herding or hunt for truffles. I just wanted a good all round pack of tips and advice to make my dog walking experiences a stress free event.

In the end it can pay to search online for dog training advice. Apart from the many comprehensive programs available you’ll also find that there are plenty of free courses you can sign up to and have delivered straight to your inbox. They’re well worth it and the hints and tips at this beginners level is more than enough to achieve a basic level of dog training to find your way back to a healthy relationship with your dog. Finding dog training advice didn’t turn out to be that hard.

The amount of dog training advice available can be daunting. But did you know that by communicating differently in ways shown that you can transform your relationship with your dog? There’s nothing more pleasant than watching a well-behaved and responsive dog interacting with its master. And there’s nothing more distressing than seeing a dog allowed to run wild and lose any sense of control. With the help of the training aids available it’s possible to achieve amazing results in a short time. Finding the right dog training advice will add a new dimension to your relationship with your dog.


Picking the Very Best Air Compressor for Airbrushing

Exactly what is the very best air compressor for airbrushing? Which compressor should I buy? Well, you have to ask yourself the following questions to additionally discover and understand what kind of compressor you truly require:  airbrush kit

1. Exactly what kind of airbrush am I going to be using it for?
2. Miniature models?
3. Phony tan?
4. Airbrush makeup?
5. Customized painting?
6. Pastime image?
7. Do I need constant air flow?
8. What is your budget?
9. The amount of are you going to invest on a compressor?
10. Where do you do your airbrushing and will its sound be an issue?

The compressor that you need can alter for each various type of airbrushing. As sometimes you need to have the compressor on for longer periods of time. Many of the time, you require a consistent air flow, however not always, and sometimes noise can play a bunch of factor depending upon the environment where you’ll be utilizing your compressor.  


Now let’s start talking about the compressor requirements for the various designs of airbrushing. Of the back, I can inform you that every airbrush artist is going to require a compressor with a tank affixed, other than for the following;

1. Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Artist.
2. Individuals who are making use of an airbrush to skim coat miniatures.
3. And potentially individuals that are only wishing to use an airbrush to spray mass work.

Why? It is because the tech and touch to the compressor offers you a consistent airflow. When the pressure to your airbrush is driven directly from the dive from around of the compressor, you aren’t going to have a consistent air flow. Instead you’ll have a series of little dots which is something good for making cool effects however this won’t work well if you attempt to paint something as basic as a line.

The size of the tank can vary depending on the kind of airbrush that you are utilizing. Nonetheless if you are doing freehand airbrushing, then I would recommend that your compressor has a tank of at least 10 liters or 2 1/2 gallons. If you are going to use airbrushing for temporary tattoos or to base coat miniatures, then go on and purchase the least expensive diaphragm airbrush compressor you can buy. And for any of you who desire a reliable compressor that can compete prolonged time periods, you can buy any compressor from $60 United States and on wards up to around $1500. While there are many factors to take in to account, I hope this can assist you out getting which compressor you actually do need.

Just bear in mind, if you are truly on a tight spending plan and getting an economical is the only choice, get one with an automatic cut off switch to prevent burning out your compressor after a few continuous hours using it. You also should buy and add a great tank to it based upon your needs so you will have more constant air flow and not to waste much of your time repairing your work or doing it all over again. Or simply much better get an all in one expensive compressor which will absolutely not give you any further headaches along your work.

When the pressure to your airbrush is driven directly from the dive from around of the compressor, you aren’t going to have a constant air flow. If you are doing freehand airbrushing, then I would recommend that your compressor has a tank of at least 10 liters or 2 1/2 gallons. If you are going to use airbrushing for short-term tattoos or to base coat miniatures, then go ahead and buy the most affordable diaphragm airbrush compressor you can purchase. And for any of you who want a reliable compressor that can run for extended duration of time, you can buy any compressor from $60 US and on wards up to around $1500. Just keep in mind, if you are actually on a tight budget and getting an economical compressor is the only option, get one with an automatic cut off switch to prevent burning out your compressor after a couple of continuous hours using it.


Why The Cosmetic Dentist Needs A Good Understanding Of General Dentistry

Many of us are conditioned to believe that all the actors in the ‘beauty industry’ are people are modest education. Their work is, after all, just to make people look good and feel good about themselves – and that doesn’t require much education; or does it?  

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It therefore usually comes as a great surprise to the uninitiated to learn that for one to become a cosmetic dentist, they need strong grounding in general dentistry. Yet the attachment of the term ‘cosmetic’ to the professionals’ name will have created the impression, in the minds of the people who hold this persuasion, that the said dentists must be people of modest education/training.  


Now in order to understand why the dentist needs a good knowledge of general dentistry, it is important to take into consideration the types of things that the said dentists do on a day to day basis. That is where we see the cosmetic dentist, among other things, having to apply high-powered dental bleaches (in a situation where the low-powered dental bleaches, which are also typically less effective, are applied by the patients themselves on a DIY basis). To do this, the dentist needs very specialized training, especially keeping in mind that laser technology is used in some of these applications.

On a day to day basis, the dentist will also find herself having to install dental veneers on people’s teeth. That would have been an easy task, were it not for the fact that the said veneers can usually not just be plastered atop a person’s teeth: a foundation has to be engraved, so that when they are eventually fitted, they look ‘natural.’ And engraving such a foundation on a person’s teeth can surely not be done by just any ‘beautician.’ It is one of the most challenging tasks in dentistry: hence the need for the cosmetic dentist to be very highly trained.

We also see the typical dentist, on a day to day basis, having to do a lot of teeth realignments. The cosmetic dentist may also be called upon to do some teeth replacement jobs (as lost teeth usually have considerable impact on the looks of the person who happens to be bereft of them). All those are things that require a lot of training in general dentistry.

In fact, it can be asserted that the dentist needs knowledge in virtually every area of dentistry. He needs some understanding of orthodontics, to deal with the teeth alignment issues explained. He needs some understanding of prosthdontics, to deal with the teeth replacement issues explained. He needs a good understanding of other branches of dentistry, to identify other cropping dental problems, and deal with those, before embarking on the cosmetic treatments (which is what professionalism in this field demands).

In the final analysis, it is easy to say that cosmetic dentistry, which seems simple to most people (perhaps on account of semantics alone), is in fact one of the most challenging areas in dentistry; hence the need for the cosmetic dentist to be well grounded in general dentistry.



What Are The Different Kinds of Sex Toy Materials?

Not only are there many different options of sex toys, there are also many different types of sex toy materials. How do you know which material is right for you? Learn how to determine which sex toy material would work best for your needs. 


100% Silicone*

  • Medical-grade silicone is made form the highest grade of polymers
  • Pliable, durable material that does not contain phthalates
  • Non-porous and hypoallergenic
  • Retains heat
  • Easy to clean with soap & water or toy cleaner and can be sterilized in boiling water or top rack of dishwasher
  • Only use water-based lubricants

*A toy only has to be 100% silicone to say silicone on the label


  • Very porous phthalates-free and hypo-allergenic (use a condom if you plan to share the toy or use vaginally or anally)
  • Soft & flexible and very durable
  • Suitable for people with allergic reactions or chemical sensitivities
  • Easy to clean with soap & water or toy cleaner
  • Only use water-based lubricants

Glass – Borosilicate/Pyrex Glass

  • Non-porous and hypoallergenic
  • Excellent for temperature play
  • Easy to clean with soap & water or toy cleaner and can be sterilized in boiling water or top rack of dishwasher
  • Can be used with any lubricant

Glass – Soft

  • Heavier (than Borosilicate) for a fuller feeling
  • Non-porous and hypoallergenic
  • Can withstand extreme changes in temperature – Excellent for temperature play
  • Easy to clean with soap & water or toy cleaner and can be sterilized in boiling water or top rack of dishwasher
  • Can be used with any lubricant

Hard Plastic, Lucite and Acrylic

  • There are a variety of hard plastics used to make sex toys and do not contain phthalates.
  • Non-porous (use a condom if you plan to share or use vaginally or anally)
  • Hard, shiny, transmits vibration very well
  • Usually safe for people with sensitivity issues
  • Easy to clean with soap & water or sex toy cleaner
  • Can be used with any lubricant


  • Made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), often contain phthalates and have a plastic smell
  • Very porous (not safe to share or use vaginally or anally without a condom)
  • Inexpensive, soft and flexible
  • Easy to clean with soap & water or toy cleaner
  • Only use water-based lubricants

Organic Wood

  • Carved from exotic woods and basic woods
  • Waterproof, hypo-allergenic and phthalate-free
  • Splinter free-super smooth finish
  • Suitable for people with allergic reactions or chemical sensitivities
  • Easy to clean with soap & water or toy cleaner
  • Can be used with any lubricant

Stainless Steel

  • Composed of medical grade stainless steel (and sometimes chromium) and will not rust
  • Non-porous and phthalate-free
  • Excellent for temperature play
  • Easy to clean with soap & water or toy cleaner and can be sterilized in boiling water or top rack of dishwasher
  • Can be used with any lubricant


  • Polished semi-precious stone like quartz, marble, and granite
  • Somewhat porous (not safe to share or use vaginally or anally without a condom)
  • Excellent for temperature play
  • Easy to clean with soap & water or toy cleaner
  • Can be used with any lubricant


  • Heat molded plastic that can resemble jelly, silicone or plastic
  • Porous (not safe to share or use vaginally or anally without a condom)
  • Flexible, elastic and durable
  • Not always phthalate-free
  • Easy to clean with soap & water or toy cleaner
  • Only use water-based lubricants

Don’t let the different types of sex toy materials confuse you. Some are definitely better than others. Just like anything else, buy the best you can afford because you always get what you pay for.

MySecretLuxury.com is the provider of luxury adult toys and high quality romance tools. We offer a curated collection of sex toys for men, women and couples that adhere to the highest standards of design, style and technology. My Secret Luxury provides a place for discreet exploration and discovery through carefully crafted Secret Kits and gives unparalleled customer service through the Secret Concierge, who is available to turn fantasies into reality.


Sex Toys: Good or Evil?

Dealers of sex toys rake in billions of dollars every year. Their products are so diversified and today are available in every part of the world. Now, it looks like this business of artificially or technologically satisfying sexual desires is in vogue. The single, married, old, young today patronize sex toy shops and the manufactures, wisely too, are steadily churning out more alluring and sophisticated ones. It seems like there will be no end to their innovative ingenuity to inventing these new instruments of sexual pleasure. Today some of these toys act and behave exactly like opposite sex partners in the act. True. But here, we want to look at the origin, intentions and effects of these toys on the users, especially the spiritual and psychological implications. 

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Sex toys are not new. They have a long history that started with the use of carved objects that represented the penis. The ancient Roman, Greek, Chinese, Asian, Indian had these objects carved out of stones, iron, gold, wood and other materials that were used to drive masturbation. Some of them (like the Greek) also had worship of sex gods and goddesses were these objects were displayed, used and other sexual immoral acts were extensively promoted, including sex with demons and spirits. So, we can rightly say that the foundation of sex toys was that of the desire for ‘unlimited’ pleasure and the worship of demonic gods. This invention metamorphosed into other objects and in the 20th century we saw the first electric vibrator invented. Since then, it has been a deluge of these manual and later sophisticated instruments of sexual pleasure. Some of them winking and talking! Wow!  


Now, is sex toy in the original plan of God? And since sexual relationship is a physical, emotional and spiritual connection, does it have any spiritual and emotional side effect? First, sex toys were not in the original plan of God. The word of God made it clear the God made them a man and a woman to relate, satisfy themselves and procreate. All we will need to sexually satisfy our partners have been put in place. Yes. But Satan introduced this toys, idols (like all other sexual sins: homosexuality, anal sex, lesbianism, sex with demons, masturbation, etc) to corrupt and divert man’s obedience to God’s word and wish. The bible said that those who crave for this kind of sinful pleasure outside the will of God are dead. True. Walking corpses! Not all pleasurable practices are permitted. We must seek to please God before our own pleasure. Yes, God wants us to enjoy life, but it must be within the limits of His divine intentions and provisions. Sex toys were invented by demons and are totally against the word of God and the spiritual well-being of man. It’s an instrument for the worship sex demons and Satan.

Using these instruments, masturbation and all other forms of sexual immorality as we earlier mentioned automatically opens one up to demonic possessions. You cannot use these toys without contacting the spirits behind them. It is not possible. It’s like worshiping an idol. There is always a demon spirit behind an idol. Those stones, woods, objects, animals represent spirit beings. That’s where they derive their powers. So, every sex toy and sexual immorality has a demonic spirit behind it. And this is why it is always very difficult to leave such acts or be free from bondage while practicing them. The bible also made it very clear that the person that practises idolatery or adultery becomes spiritually bonded. Will they ever tell you their encounters with those sex demons that visit them regularly in their dreams, and also those strange happenings around them, especially in their relationships? When next you are tempted to indulge in this act, please remember to see the demon standing behind that toy. We will elaborate more on this later. God bless!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9682020

What We Know About Fire Escape Ladders

What We Know About Fire Escape Ladders

Every successful and interesting new business does a few simple things well to set themselves apart from the competition. With the help of the key principles of ‘How To Use Fire Escape Ladders Properly’, a new venture can rise to the top of the food chain. First a bit of history, let’s discuss how the simple fire escape ladders have become such a staple in every home and business. Lets start with the basics:  

fire safety information

“Ladders first” was the first thought out of the laboratory of the 19th century. That first ladder was designed and manufactured for the specialized use of individuals with very short upper body strength. Although, we can’t blame the engineers for that one. There was little development in design for the next few decades.   

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This was around the time of ‘Ladder Training’ when many households employed an outside person or persons to come to the rescue. Of course the larger, more powerful business proprietors and saloon owners kept on using ‘guides’ or their relatives to carry people out of their building. Some really wicked stunts in the beginning made the entire practice look like a very practical use of a fire escape ladder. One of the first death’s of the business was because of one such stunt.

Around this time or shortly thereafter, the strong lean frames of the old masters started to seem a little brawny and shabby. These days the heavy mannequins look a little laughably over skeletal compared to the somewhat lighter and a bit less well-rested, pre-industrial designs. There was a definite appearance of the better design needed to survive some attack. The more modern, slightly lighter mannequins have not been able to stop all in their time.

This was also around the time of the development of the shower. Showers, at first, were the type where water would come out from a hose or similar device into a bathtub, floor, or anyplace else. Then the invention of a shower with a head, with cold water, was used, eventually.

As time progressed, the mannequins became very much lighter and airier, these days. We still occasionally see mannequins that make you shiver. The walking machines are even lighter, and no less motion-sick.

Now, all of these new ladders have so much energy in them that they don’t have to break apart before they open. The old models need to be drawn along so that they can break apart to let air out of them.

Today, all of the models we have available are high-performance models. The actual works of art of the past are gone, replaced by the designs for the lightest, most advanced ladders.

This safety aspect is very important. We have seen a large rise in automobile fires. Fire is a dangerous cause for any family to be caught up in.

There have been many several home-invasion robberies, arsons, and even more recent theft from businesses, properties, and even museums. Fires have started in our homes, our offices, and even within our cars. The best way to have one of these fires go well is to avoid them at all costs.

These are just a few of the safety features that are built into the fire escape ladders. The important parts of the design are the ability to break open the main frame when it is touched, and the ability to crush the wood to open and let air out.

Finding the Best Fire Escape Ladders

When searching for the best fire escape ladders, there are some basic things that you have to keep in mind. The task of finding the best fire escape ladders can be a little tricky. There are so many different models and versions of fire escape ladders available on the market. In addition, different people have different preferences and what they are looking for in a ladder.


If you are looking for the right ladder, you will have to do some searching. Some people may have a more specific vision and they can narrow their search down to what they need. However, there are some ways that you can have a wider search that will help you find the best one for you. It is also important to remember that finding the best fire escape ladders, especially in a tough economy, is just a matter of finding the best online.

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Many online dealers can be very beneficial for you. They can help you find the best ladder for you. They can also help you find a cheaper and more affordable one. Therefore, it can be helpful to find an online dealer to help you out.

When you do your search online, the first thing that you will have to keep in mind is the type of fire escape ladders that you need. You have to know what it is that you need, when you need it. This means that you will have to narrow down your search to what you need. Once you have that down, you can narrow down your search to what you are looking for.

Look at the materials and the shape of the ladder. If you need an easy to clean one, then you can keep looking for more elegant fire escape ladders. If you are going to use one as a way to get out of a burning building, then you need one that can easily be fitted with a latch so that you do not lose your balance.

There are some guides that can help you in narrowing down your search. You can use online guides that will show you what options are available for you. You can find out what different types of ladders will cost you. You can even find out what options there are in a variety of different ladders.

A great way to search online is to use a search engine. You can use the search engines to see what you can find. You can look through a variety of different sites. You can also look at blogs and look for reviews and feedback. You can look for the latest reviews and customer reviews.

If you are looking for the best fire escape ladders, you can also search online. However, make sure that you are searching in the most recent year. This will help you keep you better informed. You can also search for the best fire escape ladders on the net. You can also check the internet for how people have rated a particular fire escape ladder.

There are several different types of fire escape ladders, depending on what the time door is. There are sliding doors that you can slide open and close. There are the quick open doors that can easily be opened and closed.

For a quick time door, you will want to look for a fire escape ladder that opens up. This is because they will allow you to open the door when you are getting out of a burning building. There are several different options for the size of the fire escape ladder, the base of the ladder, and the weight. Make sure that you take these things into consideration when you are shopping online.

Overall, the best fire escape ladders are a matter of searching for the right one that meets your needs. and you will also want to make sure that you do not go to too many online dealers, which can make it difficult to find the best fire escape ladders.

What Everyone Is Saying About Importance of Fire Blankets and What You Have to Do Importance of Fire Blankets: No Longer a Mystery

The blankets could possibly be utilized to wrap around the person to decrease skin burns. The sort of fire blanket you’ll need will be dependent on your organization. Others might think that fire blankets are the true thing. Fire blankets are suggested by all of the emergency services and people involved with health and safety. Fire protection blankets should be utilized as part of a fire outbreak. 

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The blankets can easily be stored and don’t require maintenance. Fire blankets aren’t reusable, and they’re usable on electrical fires. A fire blanket is made from nonflammable materials and it’s an important element of protection from accidental fires. Fire blankets have a lengthy shelf life, but will need to get inspected periodically. To be able to extinguish a fire, it has to be addressed by means of a fire blanket. A fire blanket can enable you to smother tiny fires yourself. It’s imperative that you understand how to use a fire blanket before needing to utilize it. 


Importance of Fire Blankets: No Longer a Mystery

Fire-fighting equipment, such as, for instance, a fire extinguisher, essentially doesn’t have an expiry date. Fire safety is therefore essential to secure your visitors and staff. Do not enable the fun distract you from following fire security precautions. Otherwise, it is a fire hazard. Fire Prevention Minimizing the danger of fire breaking out is step one for safety. Fire Prevention The best method to minimise the chance of fire is to select the threat seriously and put in place fire prevention measures. Housekeeping A big cause of a fire at work is because of improper or deficiency of housekeeping on the jobsite.

Importance of Fire Blankets Secrets

1 thing is for sure every time a fire is included, it is essential to act rapidly. In case the fire is more than a single blanket can fully cover, don’t hesitate to just call your community fire support. It can happen at any time. Fires involving undercarriage assemblies won’t be an issue because the product doesn’t create thermal shock.

Abhorring timed, wishy-washy behavior, fire isn’t a coward in regards to finding ways to fulfill its urges. It is almost always better to avoid fire than fighting it. Fire is regarded to be an extremely strong element in feng shui. A fire is just one of the most dangerous hazards in the sport of motor racing and the appropriate safety equipment should remain available. It can completely destroy not only your physical property, but also the morale around the business. An electrical fire can’t be extinguished with water. Therefore there are a number of things to think about when addressing fire secure.

Fire is among the more important causes of accidents that happen on board a ship. Fires on ships are a consequence of negligence. It can be caused by different fuels. It creates heat in the body. In the event the fire discontinues, the grip needs to be released to stop more discharges. House fires are among the most frequent causes of property loss and homelessness in many pieces of the planet.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Importance of Fire Blankets

Fire alarms are a basic fire safety recommendation. Working fire alarms are another necessity which should not be neglected. A fire alarm may not simply protect the lives of relatives. It is the most important part of the entire system, because it’s the one which saves lives. There’s a variety of fire alarms readily available on the marketplace.

Extinguishers are available in assorted types and kinds. Thus, knowing which kind of extinguisher you own is equally as vital as knowing what’s actually causing the fire. It is crucial to use the appropriate sort of extinguisher to put out fire from various sources. There are various types of fire extinguisher and each one tackles a different kind of fire, therefore it’s important to acquire the best one for your company. Keeping a fire extinguisher ready in lots of regions of the house can remedy tiny fires until they become larger conflagrations.

Each extinguisher involves a numerical rating, kind and flame quenching agent they contain. The third major issue to understand about fire extinguishers is the true operating procedure. Fire extinguisher is just one of the most effective tools that prevent spreading of fire. It’s important to get fire extinguishers that most fit your requirements and be in a position to manage the form of fire you’re likely to encounter.

The Safety Centre stock a wide array of top superior fire alarms and wireless fire alarms that you may depend on, together with an entire variety of fire extinguishers to coordinate with the types of fire you are likely to encounter. There are a number of fire extinguishers to pick from when making a selection for your residence or business. A fire extinguisher is a superb safety device however, knowledge of the sorts of fires and fire extinguishers is critical. The powder fire extinguisher provides the most versatility in comparison to other forms of extinguishers.