Offshore Corporation Formation

Offshore corporations can be formed in Panama relatively pain free and offer businessmen a degree of privacy protection that an onshore company simply cannot provide.

For the purpose of incorporation, you should have at least two people who are authorized to act as organizers for your company as well as a minimum of three directors, the names and addresses of whom will be kept on public record as directors of your Panama based corporation. The two people that will act as organizers should also appear in front of a Public Notary to have their identity documents authenticated.   

Off Shore Company

If you are a trifle apprehensive with the idea of having your name show up in the company’s registered documentation, you would be well advised to employ the services of a Panama legal service that will be able to offer nominee directors with signed resignation letters on your behalf.

Panama law also requires that corporations should have officers for the positions of President, Treasurer and Secretary. One individual is able to serve as both a President and Treasurer, but the same person cannot be a President and Secretary. These officers can be supplied by a Panamanian lawyer which in effect removes your name from the public registry in Panama.

One of the advantages of establishing an offshore company in Panama is the fact that it is not compulsory to have paid-in capital. However, Panamanian corporations have a standard capitalization requirement of $10,000 for every offshore corporation established.

All of your offshore company records will be filed in the mercantile registry in Panama. Although it is not obligatory to maintain any records of your accounts it may be a good idea to do so, especially if you are a citizen of the United States. There is also no requirement for the issue of financial statements for your company so long as all of the income for the company has been derived offshore from Panama.

Shares can be made out anonymously in a bearer share format which in essence means that an individual who holds the actual physical share certificates also owns the company. Thus, ownership can easily be passed from one individual to another with no public record of the sale required.

A non-resident Panama offshore corporation can take anything from four to six days to form but in some cases a twenty-four hour express service is available depending on which law firm or service you choose to utilize. When forming your offshore company it is highly recommended that you enlist the assistance of a Panama lawyer or law firm. A lawyer in Panama can provide you with nominee directors and officers as well as making sure to file all of the proper paperwork for your company with the Panama government.

A lawyer will also visit the public registry on your behalf and file the necessary paperwork since only a Panama lawyer can do this. It is very possible though, to create a company in Panama without ever having to physically visit the country provided you work with a good firm. You will need to get copies of your identity documents authenticated through the use of a public notary and the apostille process.