Industrial Coatings

Many industrial coating specialists are utilized for corrosion control, although they often lie underneath an equally complex market umbrella, and work in many different areas. Industrial coating products make up a sizable market, with billions of gallons sold annually to customer industries – accounting for billions of dollars in annual sales. 

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Industrial coating is used by a wide variety of businesses, from car manufacturers to construction companies to paint manufacturers. Some of the more common applications of industrial coatings include water proofing, which may include paint products, but also paint sealants and coatings. Coating has become such a widely used product that it can sometimes be confused with another popular and relatively new industrial coating called epoxy. 

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The most common industrial product is polyurethane or epoxy. Epoxy and polyurethane are usually found in two different forms, either solid or liquid. Liquid epoxies are commonly found in paints and sealants, as well as in protective coatings for various items and equipment. Solid epoxies, however, are often used in concrete and metal, including some types of vehicles. In general solid epoxies tend to be less viscous than liquid epoxies, which makes them better suited for use in certain applications.

Other industrial coatings also exist, such as paint products, which are often mixed with other types of coatings. Paint products are sometimes combined with epoxy products in order to create an advanced, high-end product. Another highly popular product is polyurethane foam, which are similar in function to paint products, but is often used in applications that require a much more rigid finish.

Some of the most high quality products are hard coatings, which are made by mixing a resin with a binder, such as rubber or plastic, before being sprayed onto an item to be protected. High performance coating systems can be very expensive, although they can also be very durable and work well in many situations.

High demand also exists for protective coatings for automotive applications. While automotive protection can be purchased from a manufacturer, it may be possible to purchase it through an independent dealer who specializes in protective coating products.

Industrial coating is not only used in the automotive industry; it is also used in the construction industry to protect concrete, brick, metal, and other items from the effects of weathering. Some of these products are even used on roofs, in order to extend their life and prevent damage from harsh weather conditions.

Coatings have many uses in the manufacturing industry. They are applied to different items of equipment and can also be used to protect the products of construction projects from the elements, as well as protecting the objects themselves. Because they can cost thousands of dollars to purchase and install, industrial coating products have to be very high quality and durable. If they are not, they will not be able to be used for the intended purpose.

Coatings can be used in a variety of ways. Most commonly, they are applied to provide a protective covering for any surface that needs it, whether it is a floor a wall, or an object that is being worked on. There are many different types of industrial coatings, including high performance, waterproof, and other specialty coatings.

High performance coatings are very resistant to stains and provide a very smooth finish. Waterproof coatings can also withstand a lot of wear and tear, including things like water spills and oil leaks, but are usually less resilient than other types of industrial coatings. Waterproof coatings can be quite effective in protecting a floor from water damage, although they are also more expensive.

Industrial coatings can also be used on items such as trucks or forklifts to protect them from road salt and other abrasive materials. Industrial coatings are also used in a variety of ways in the building industry to protect floors from scratches and other forms of damage. In fact, they are frequently used to protect a building from the elements, which are often a main cause of damage in the construction industry.

Industrial coatings can also be used to add visual appeal to a certain item. While the products they are used on will not do anything in and of themselves, the way they look on an item can make or break the look of that item. A good coating can make a particular item appears brand new.