How to Tell a Fake From a Real Louis Vuitton Bag

For those of us who are serious about fashion, we all have heard about Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories. We have also probably seen or even used one or two of the more famous Louis Vuitton handbags available on the market today, from handbags that look like they belong to Audrey Hepburn to those that resemble that of celebrities like Paris Hilton.

From time to time, many people are concerned about the safety and quality of their LV bags. According to the brand, and Louis Vuitton bags or handbags go through several steps of production before they are ready for the retail shelves. All in all, the plastic-coated leather of Louis Vuitton handbags is considerably lighter weight than most other luxury handbags, making it easier to carry and more comfortable if you have back or shoulder issues.

Because of these qualities, it may be surprising to know that there are actually some people who use fake or replica bags to gain access to luxury goods. Many people who want to steal luxury items, whether it is a Louis Vuitton handbag or a pair of diamond earrings, have learned the techniques used by counterfeiters, which include:

– Stealing the genuine luggage tags from a bag. The tags are easily removed, and replaced with a replica, which is a replica of the original luggage tag, but the person who took it off will not be able to tell that the tag was already replaced.

– Cutting the genuine luggage tags in half with a pair of scissors and sewing the two pieces together, creating the look of a brand-new tag. The same thing is done to any other label, such as those on shoes.

– Painting and LV bags with another label. This is known as “tagging,” a practice in which bags are painted with another logo or color so that if the original label is taken, the new bag’s value will still be intact. This practice is also used to cover up the theft of the luggage tag.

– Making replicas of the real LV bags. Many people have become skilled at this process, and it has become very difficult to distinguish a replica from a genuine item.

With all of these practices, it can be difficult to tell whether a bag is an actual replica, but the fact that most LV bags on the market today will come with an original LV luggage tag is proof enough that a replica is probably fake. To avoid getting caught, it is advisable to purchase genuine bags from reputable stores that offer a money-back guarantee if their bags turn out to be fakes.

It is possible to purchase replica bags made with the same material that Louis Vuitton bags are made from, although it is unlikely that you would be able to find many authentic handbags with that material. If your goal is to obtain a replica LV bag with the same quality and craftsmanship as those that LV handbags are made from, it is a good idea to stick to genuine leather.

The reason why replica leather is difficult to differentiate from the genuine stuff is that real leather is a unique product of nature, unlike the composite materials used in replica bags. There are no two genuine leather pieces of the same size or pattern, so it can be difficult to make a difference in the feel and quality of the handbag, because of the difference in the way that they are cut and sewn.

There is another way to spot an authentic leather piece of handbag, and that is to know the brand name of the company that manufactures them. Although some designer labels are available with genuine leather, most of the top-end brands only use imitation leather.

One last tip for people who want to protect their LV bags from being replicated: If you know someone who is a replica expert, ask for their help. Sometimes, you can find a replica expert who can give you tips on how to determine the quality of the genuine Louis Vuitton handbags, or the high-quality fake handbags that are available on the market today.